Frequently Asked Questions

I am considering installing landscape lighting on my property. What is the difference in a professionally installed outdoor lighting system and the ones I can buy at a home improvement store?

There are 3 main differences:

  • Professional Design- The exact placement of fixtures is key to combine the look you desire with the existing beauty of your building or space.
  • Connection Methods- Basic connections used by self install systems are unreliable, do not prevent moisture and will fail over time resulting in frustrating system outages.
  • Voltage Distribution- Proper wiring is required to ensure system longevity. Without knowledge of power rules and metering devices, systems can be over or under volted resulting in varying light intensity and shorter bulb life.

Answer credit: Jason P. Paulk, NiteTime Decor

How much does lawn fertilization and weed control cost?

The service representative provides a lawn analysis and pH test of area requesting service. Cost is calculated on square footage of area to be treated.

What time of day is best for watering my lawn?

In the morning from 3am to 9am.

Do I need to be home when a lawn service is scheduled?


Why should I become a member? of LOLA

Lake Oconee Landscape Association members in good standing are the only ones who retain voting power. LOLA members also get advertising on our site, as well as access to business owners direct contact information. Members receive a sticker to depict them as a participating member, as well a link on our web site and a LOLA Member image to put on your website. We continuously help promote our association, through radio advertising, and other ad mediums. This bring awareness to your small business.

How do I become a member?

Click here for a membership application. Fill out the form and email, mail or fax it in to us. You will receive a prompt reply indicating receipt of your application.

What is the membership fee?

LOLA membership dues are collected annually. Our yearly LOLA membership fees are $___. This includes your membership sticker, a listing in our excusive online member directory, welcome packet and notifications of all meetings and member only events.

What do I get as a LOLA member?

As a LOLA member you receive a link to your website on our webpage, exclusive list of all members and their direct contact information, monthly meetings to network and participate. We also hold after hours events, and are notified of additional opportunities to network at

How often are meetings?

LOLA meetings are held once per month. Click here to view our meeting schedule.

What if I can't make all the meetings?

You are encouraged to attend all meetings. However, we understand that scheduling a meeting for a large group like ours means some people can't make it. Each year we vote as a group whether or not to hold a December & July meeting.

What if I don't live in Lake Oconee year round?

Even if you are not a year round Lake Oconee resident, you are welcome to apply for membership. We have a few members who are not residents, but regularly visit our beautiful area. As part of your membership application, if you are not a resident, we will determine how this may or may not effect your matriculation.

Where are the meetings held?

LOLA meetings are held in the location determined by that month's host. They will always be held locally, in the Lake Oconee area. Sometimes our hosts have sponsors with freebies - check back to the meeting schedule page for the most current information.

Is business attire required? What if I am coming straight from the job site?

Business attire is recommended for all meetings. Those coming from a job site are asked to sit in the back, because you stink! Just kidding! We are all professional business people and can respect that there may be times we may need to come in non-business attire. On these occasions we will be just as glad to see you!

Is there a limit to how many members can join LOLA?

Yes. We are currently almost at capacity, but are happy to evaluate prospective new members. There is currently no waiting list, but we will utilize one when we reach our maximum member capacity of 40 members.

Thank you for your interest in Lake Oconee Landscape Association. We will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have via email or phone. Click here to fill out a contact form.

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